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Flapless vs. Flap Less: Minimally invasive surgical techniques (for zero bone loss) using Tissue-Level Implants

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu (Bucharest, Romania)
28th March 2018

Learning Points:

  • -Biological advantages for flapless and "flap less" techniques in full mouth rehabilitations
  • -Internal sinus lifting vs external sinus lifting: advantages of using tissue level implants
  • -Minimally invasive "flap less" approach in bone splitting
Past Webinars

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The socket shield technique: road to success
  • Literature review
  • Emergence profile managing
  • Surgical and prosthetic considerations

Luis Bessa - (PT)
Three main considerations for successful immediate implants in the anterior area
  • Select the ideal implant for the anterior area depending on the defect and the tooth to substitute 
  • Place immediate implants in pristine sockets and what to do when we have a bone dehiscence 
  • How to manage soft tissues in order to boost the biotype when necessary 
  • How to avoid short and long-term failures after immediate implants 
  • When to do socket preservation instead of an immediate implant 
  • Successful prosthodontic alternatives to immediate implants 
Ramón Gómez Meda - (Spain)
3D-Printing: Advantages, Possibilities and Limits for a best practice Digital Workflow
  • Understanding the advantage of 3D-Printing compared to conventional methods
  • Make your Practice/Lab grow with new techniques
  • Be ready for the future & become more profit

Vanik Kaufmann - (CH)
Peri-implantitis: Diagnosis, Therapy and Prevention. An evidence based approach.
  • Early diagnosis and definition of peri-implantitis 
  • Predispositions to peri-implantitis 
  • Treatment options 
  • Peri-implantitis prevention

Christian Blaschke - (NZL)
Minimal-invasive GBR techniques without membranes
  • New biomaterials to significantly reduce treatment time 
  • Membrane-free surgical techniques in implantology 
  • Achieving predicatable esthetic results with the TRI® Soft Tissue Concept

Peter Fairbairn - (UK)
Prosthetically driven implant treatment – How to achieve predictable and esthetic results
  • Partial extraction techniques 
  • Dental Laboratory techniques: from wax-up to drill guide (analog protocol) 
  • CAD/CAM techniques: from digital wax-up to guided template 
  • Soft tissue management and final restoration materials · Immediate dentoalveolar reconstruction (IDR)

Luis Bessa - (PT)
Techniques for immediate loading to achieve superior esthetic results.
  • Extraction techniques 
  • Rules for immediate implantation and loading
  • Dual-Zone augmentation 
  • Connective Tissue Grafting (CTG)

Torsten Kamm - (DE)
Techniques for immediate loading to achieve superior esthetic results
  • Flapless insertion for better patient comfort 
  • The flapless bone splitting 
  • Papilla preservation with Tissue-Level Implants for long-term results in aesthetic zone

Alecsandru Ionescu - (RO)
Full arch immediate loading - the "All-on-TRI®" digital workflow
  • Literature review 
  • Documentation and planning workflow 
  • Surgical tips and prosthetic components selection

Luis Bessa - (PT)
Update Prosthodontics - How to reach unique results Part 2
Christian Buhtz - (PT)
Update Prosthodontics - How to reach unique results Part 1
Christian Buhtz - (PT)
Scientific Update TRI® Performance Concep
Holger Kast - (DE)
TRI®+ Digital Dentistry
Holger Kast - (DE)