matrix® Case Book Vol. 5
Including Brand New Cases and 3.5-Year Follow-ups!

Our Case Book Vol. 5 includes updates with all-new cases as well as 3.5-year follow-ups with the matrix® implant system, the world’s first digital implant without an abutment. 

matrix® Cases Overview

Dr. Dario Zujic

All-on-X with Immediate Implant Placement and Fixed Provisional Arch

Dr. Ryan Dunlop, DMD

Comprehensive Full-Arch Restoration: From Extractions to Immediate Load with 3D-Printed Long-Term Provisional

Dr. Marco Zeltner

All matrix® Apps in 1 Case: SCAN & SMILE Immediate fully digital full arch treatment

Dr. Zachary Katz

Full-Arch Restoration with ICAM Scanbodies and matrix

Dr. Andrew Ip

A novel two-piece 3D printed and direct screw retained provisional: 

“A transparent approach to observe implant soft tissue healing”

Prof. Dr. Ronald Jung

Single crown immediate restoration

Dr. Ivan Peev

Integrating matrix® in the world's most modern dental clinic

Dr. Joel Teles

3-year follow-up: Tissue-Level implant in high esthetic zone

Dr. Marco Zeltner

4 Unit lower jaw incisor bridge with 2 narrow (ø3.3mm) matrix® Multi-Level Implants

Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda

Two crowns on one matrix® Tissue- Level Implant

Dr. Joel Teles

matrix® guided full-arch restoration with a 100% digital workflow

Dr. Stavros Pelekanos

Immediate loading of two matrix® Multi-Level single crowns with milled PMMA temporaries for ideal zirconia restoration

Dr. Jakob Zwaan

3 unit zirconia bridge directly screw-retained on 2 strongly angulated matrix implants with 36 degrees angulation

No abutment

Puisys Algirdas

Immediate soft tissue management with two individual 3d printed healing collars

Dr. Steve Law

Remarkable bone and tissue results within 2-years with the abutment- and cement-free matrix® Multi-Level implant system

Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda

Minimally invasive extraction and immediate placement of patient-specific healing collar

Dr. Katrin Zumstein

Immediate single crown restoration with significant bone improvement after 1 year

Prof. Dr. Aslan Y. GOKBUGET

Immediate 3D Printed Temporary Single Crowns

Dr. Dirk Neefs

High Esthetic Advantages of matrix® Multi-Level Implants with a pink and concave implant neck

Dr. Galitis Evangelos

matrix® implant placement and temporary restoration in less than 2 hours

Dr. Marco Zeltner

Immediate zirconia Final restoration with Angulated screw channel

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu

4-unit lower jaw incisor bridge and single crown restoration with matrix®

Prof. Dr. Karsten & Dr. Torsten Kamm

matrix® removable Full-Arch Restoration with 4 Zirconia Telescopes screw-retained directly on implants

Dr. David Norré

The closest we can get to Biology in implant dentistry

Dr. Marco Zeltner

Posterior single crown restoration with immediate 3D-printed patient-based healing collar

Dr. Alessandro & Andrea Agnini

Fully digital treated esthetic single crowns on matrix® Tissue-Level implant and root resections

Prof. Constantin von See
(Expert in Digital Dental 3D-Printing)

"Innovative production ways require new concepts in implantology like the matrix® - let´s exploit the full potential of 3D printing on dental implants!"

Falko Noack
(Head R&D, Amann Girrbach)

"A novel CAD/CAM Implant interface like matrix® is required to exploit the full potential of CAD/CAM manufactured prosthetics o implants."

Akira Schüttler
(exocad System Integration Manager)

"As a pioneer in digital dentistry, exocad continuously pushes the development of digital implant workflows. On this mission, we value TRI® as collaboration partner. Their matrix®  is the first to enable the placement of restorations directly on the implant without the use of an abutment. Adding the seamless integration with the iTero scanner  or other open intraoral scanners, exocad’s design software takes digital implant dentistry to the next level." 

Dr. Akiyoshi Funato
(Founder of 5-D Japan)

"matrix® is a game changer for Japan, but also the rest of the world."

Torsten Schwafert
(CEO Modern Dental Europe B.V.)

"The new Digital Implant with its matrix® connection will improve efficiency of the digital prosthetic workflow in a whole new dimension."

Daniel Pally
(Master Dental Technician)

"The matrix® has the potential to revolutionize dental lab digital prosthetics."


TRI® is proud to have achieved such a strong rating and received an amazing feedback from our KOL & Expert involved in the First Patient-In Phase of the matrix®. This is a further proof that the matrix® is a disruptive technology and will bring digital implantology to a new dimension!

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