TRX Guided Surgery
Empower your precision with TRX Guided Surgery

TRX Guided Surgery offers a radically reduced workflow with an unmatched precision due to the sharp cutting properties of the drills. Enjoy the highest level of precision, even in challenging cases, with TRX ‘s lateral cutting abilities and patented 2-level depth stop.

With its simple and unique design, color-coding, and compatibility with major software providers, TRX is the ultimate solution for seamless and precise dental surgery. 

Your Benefits

Highest precision 

Minimal portfolio of instruments

Fast surgical procedure & handling 

Compatible with all major software

Simple and Fast Surgical Protocol

Sleeve and sleeveless with lateral access


Inner depth stop for drills


Outer depth stop for countersink and implant mount.

Unique Drill Design

Very sharp design with powerful lateral cutting abilities 

Direct to final diameter 

No horizontal displacement 

TRX features the TRI+ Open Interface to leading guided Surgery Software companies
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