TRI® Performance Line
Narrow, Bone-Level and Tissue-Level Implant Lines

The TRI® Performance Line is incorporated in the Bone-Level (TRI®-Narrow, TRI®-Vent) and Tissue-Level (TRI®-Octa) implant lines and ensures optimal esthetic results both in the anterior and posterior area. The Performance Line combines the pure simplicity of one connection with the esthetic flexibility of the TRI® Soft Tissue Concept. A unique lean, and yet intelligent blend for success in daily practice.

Narrow Implant

The TRI®-Narrow implant has been developed with an enossal diameter of Ø3.3 mm and an internal Friction-Fit connection of Ø3.2 mm. With this reduced diameter implant, treatment options will be expanded especially for narrow ridges or compromised sites in the anterior jaw. Thanks to the crestal thread design of the implant and the tapered implant body a high primary stability can be achieved.


The TRI® Dental Implant System has been developed to make the practitioners life easier and at the same enhance the performance of the product features. Due to its singular implant prosthetic platform and its unique implant body, it can quite rightly be considered one of the leanest and smartest implant systems in the world. The TRI® Bone-Line is offered in 3 implant diameters 3.75 mm, 4.1 mm and 4.7 mm. 

However, all implants share the same prosthetic platform of 3.5 mm, guaranteeing maximum simplicity in usage and enhanced platform switching with the wider implant diameters.

Tissue-Level Implant

The TRI® Tissue-Level Implant is the latest addition to the TRI® Performance Line. With its unique 1.8 mm pink-rose neck for optimized translucency in the gingival tissue, TRI Octa sets new standards. In a study with the university of Zurich (Prof. Ronald Jung, Dr. Daniel Thoma), the evidently better translucency values were tested and proofed in comparison to conventional titanium implant neck.

Scientific Whitepaper
Discoloration of the mucosa caused by different restorative materials – a spectophotometric in vitro study

Dr. med. dent. Alexis Ioannidis, cand. med. dent. Elena Cathomen, med. dent. Ronald E. Jung, PD Dr. med. dent. Daniel S. Thoma

The discoloration of the mucosa can be reduced by 46% with TRI Pink anodized titanium compared to raw titanium. The effect is comparable to zirconium. In this in vitro study, measurements are performed on pig jaws with a spectophotometric camera, comparing discoloration resulting from different materials.


The implant body was designed to provide maximum bone adaptation across the different bone regions along the implant. At the top of the implant, the reverse-tapered neck design reduces forces on crestal bone. The groove right below its neck into which all three threads lead, allows a better force distribution under the bone crest. 

Furthermore, the macro-threads design of the cervical area exhibits a square-thread pattern which minimizes stress and cortical load, thus better protecting the cortical bone. The well-proven standard 60 degree threads finally increase bone surface area in the spongiosa for optimal bone-to-implant contact.

Machined implant neck

The Narrow and Bone-Level implants feature a 0.5 mm machined neck in the crestal area

Crestal thread design

with square thread pattern to protect the cortical bone

Body thread design (60 degrees)

to enhance bone surface area in the spongiosa for optimal bone-to-implant contact

Apical thread design (45 degrees)

with increased sharpness for immediate primary stability

Gingiva coloured implant collar

The Tissue-Level Implant features a 1.8 mm machined implant collar for optimal esthetic results in the posterior area.

Round Apex

to protect the Schneiderian Membrane


"I appreciate the usefulness of TRI® Narrow ø3.3 mm as it can often manage narrow edentulous spaces or horizontal atrophy situations without a regenerating process."

Torsten Kamm, Baden-Baden (Germany)
TRI®-Vent (Bone-Level)

"TRI Dental Implants combines science and clinical versatility with a very reasonable price. It has an excellent product line that not only makes it easy for hard tissue to integrate but also promotes soft tissue development with a simple prosthetic solution."

Hom-Lay Wang, DDS, MSD, PhD (University of Michigan, USA)
TRI®-Octa (Tissue-Level)

"The pink-colored anodized implant collar of the TRI®-Octa Tissue-Level Implant is ideal for esthetics in single stage minimally invasive clinical procedures! The implant remains still “invisible" even after several years compared to existing implant solutions." 

Alecsandru Ionescu (Bucharest, Romania)
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