Performance Line Apps for Digital Excellence
included with every performance line implant

Experience seamless implantology with TRI® Performance Line Digital Apps, where Bone-Level and Tissue-Level implants meet the smart simplicity of digital technology. Crafted for anterior and posterior perfection, our TRI®-Narrow, TRI®-Vent, and TRI®-Octa lines are now enhanced by digital applications that epitomize efficiency and esthetic flexibility. Streamline your journey from planning to placement, enhancing precision and outcomes with digital solutions that redefine patient care and practice performance.

TRI® ScanBridge
​The Ultimate Digital Scanning Experience

The Scanbridge Technology provides a high-precision, cost-effective solution for for full- arch scanning of the edentulous patient. Its simple design and easy click mechanism allows for easy handling and scanning of both implant position and soft tissue with one scan in only 20 seconds. The Scanbridge can be printed locally, saving cost and time.

It is compatible with all IO scanners and available in different lengths and angulations, making it a versatile and seamless addition to any workflow. 

TRX Guided Surgery
Empower your precision with TRX Guided Surgery

TRX Guided Surgery offers a radically reduced workflow with an unmatched precision due to the sharp cutting properties of the drills. Enjoy the highest level of precision, even in challenging cases, with TRX ‘s lateral cutting abilities and patented 2-level depth stop.

With its simple and unique design, color-coding, and compatibility with major software providers, TRX is the ultimate solution for seamless and precise dental surgery.

Direct on Multi-Unit

Experience the pioneering leap in Full-Arch restorations with our Direct on Multi-Unit approach. Our method eliminates the need for cement by enabling direct screw-retention onto the Multi-Unit Abutments, simplifying the process while ensuring maximum integrity and versatility. This breakthrough not only streamlines your workflow but also significantly improves treatment outcomes, providing an efficient, straightforward, and dependable solution for both dental professionals and patients.

Lab Design
Universal open interface to leading CAD Softwares

TRI®+ Digital Solutions guarantees a universal implant open interface to leading technology partners in digital dentistry. In contrast to numerous digital locked systems, TRI® helps to create more transparency and eliminate all barriers to their respective treatments.