Product History
Through Research Innovative

From it starts TRI® has developed unique products and created new concepts which shaped and influenced the industry. With the latest innovation of the Digital Implant and the matrix® connection TRI® can proudly say to have developed an unparalleled concept, which will remarkably change the digital workflow process. 

Product Details

TRI® is expanding its matrix® implant line portfolio with the first ever digital healing collar library. The digital healing collar library for the matrix® implant system allows to create individual healing components based on the biological tooth shape. Soft tissue management made easy by choosing a design in the CAD software and adding a personal touch based on the patient factors. 


The matrix® is the first-ever dental implant connection that has been specifically designed for the new digital manufacturing technologies such as CAD/CAM milling or 3D printing.

3D-Touch Impression

The TRI® 3D-Touch Impression combines simplicity with unique product features. It can be used as a conventional open-tray impression post as well as high precision titanium scan body, unified in one single product. The patented instrument-free handling technology helps to save time and provides easier access to limited inter-occlusal spaces. A versatile, time-saving and unparalleled impression taking experience.

Prosthetic Kit

The prosthetic kit features the same grommet-less technology like the TRI® Surgical Kit, validated for automated cleaning in washer-disinfection machines. The workflow has been streamlined, and the improved versions of the prosthetic drivers are now also included in the prosthetic kit. An additional flexible compartment allows for storing and sterilization of any components for the individual needs of the restoring dentist.

Digital Portfolio

The TRI®+ Digital portfolio contains the new TRI®-Bases both in an engaging and non-engaging version, Milling Blanks including the proprietary TRI® Friction Fit, Multi-Unit Ti-Bases and a new and innovative Digital Implant Analog. To meet all specific esthetic requirements, all TRI®-Bases can be customized in order to be used with the new angulated screw driver.

TRI® 2in1 Impression Post

The TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment is a revolutionary instrument-free innovation for closed-tray impression taking and final abutment restorations. The patented integrated solution guarantees an entire new level of precision and simplicity during the impression and restorative process. And best of all: you get 2 products in 1!

TRI® Raptor

The TRI® Raptor Abutment range is the newest line of low profile direct implant overdenture attachments. With a low vertical profile of 2.1 mm and diameter of 4.4 mm it is the smallest attachment system on the market. This system offers multiple solutions for overdenture treatment planning when vertical space limitations are a consideration.

TRI® Pod

The revolutionary touchless delivery concept TRI® Pod allows to pick-up the implant directly with the surgical hand-piece in one single step. Whilst guaranteeing the highest purity of the TRI® SBA surface. A true design innovation which will take your surgical performance to a new level.

TRI® Tissue-Level

The TRI® Tissue-Level Implant is the latest addition to the TRI® Dental Implant System. With its unique 1.8 mm pink-rose neck for optimized translucency in the gingival tissue, TRI Octa sets new standards. In a study with the university of Zurich (Prof. Ronald Jung, Dr. Daniel Thoma), the evidently better translucency values were tested and proofed in comparison to conventional titanium implant neck.


With the innovative TRI® BoneAdapt Technology, TRI® provides a smart and aggressive implant design that outperforms existing industry standards in terms of Primary Stability*. The benefit for clinicians and patients is a state-of-the-art treatment option at the day of surgery such as All-on-TRI®, resulting in immediate satisfaction for a higher quality of life. 

TRI®+ Digital Solutions

TRI®+ Digital Solutions guarantees a universal implant open interface to leading technology partners in digital dentistry. TRI®+ Digital Solutions allows a wide range of indications via 3D Planning, Guided Surgery,CAD Abutments, CAD/CAM screw-retained and cement-retained restorations or modern treatments such as All-on-TRI® procedures.


"TOOTH IN A BOX" is a complete solution including all implant components and all laboratory services for the practice needs. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, TRI® Dental Implants provides high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use implant solutions combined with the CAD / CAM Technic for the benefit of patients worldwide.


The TRI® Dental Implant System integrates four essential technology features. Each feature aims to provide maximum performance and lasting quality for the treatment of the dentist. We combine these elements in the TRI® Performance Concept.