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No Abutment. No Cement. No Limits.

The matrix® is the world‘s first dental implant for fully digitally single and multi-unit restorations directly on the implant without the use of the abutment. This unique implant connection has been specifically designed for the new digital manufacturing technologies such as CAD/ CAM milling or 3D printing. 

Unleash the benefits that will change your workflow


+ 100% patient-individual emergence profile

+ Concave & pink anodized implant shoulder for soft tissue design

+ Natural colour with zirconia directly on the implant


+ Faster Workflow and increased precision by 73% due to no abutment, no cement, no model and no analog 

+ No limits in materials, indications and angulations (up to 100° between implants)

+ Significant material and cost savings


+ Immediate full digital local workflow (chairside or labside)

+ TRI+ connection to all open digital workflows for chairside & labside milling


+ Strong like an abutment

+ Higher precision

+ No cement: 100% screw retained restoration, eliminating the risk of periimplantitis


The matrix® implant system consists of a bone- and a tissue-level line with only one connection, by simplifying the prosthetic workflow to the max and guaranteeing the highest materials and indication flexibility.

The incredible strength of the matrix® technology

The live weight testing, where a zirconia single crown screw-retained directly into a matrix® implant supported 177kg, much more than the average human bite force. 

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Matrix® Launch Event
World Premiere & TRITalks

The matrix® special event live from Zurich on June 18th was the exclusive launch platform for the world’s first implant approved for digital restorations without abutment.

World-renowned speakers like Prof. Ronald Jung, Prof. Tomas Linkevičius and Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda joined the stage of the TRITalks to present the next big revolution in digital implant dentistry. 

Watch the presentation and lectures now. 

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