Clinical Cases TRI® Performance Line

Dr. Cristiano Caleffi

Single tooth implant rehabilitation following the loss of an implant affected by periimplantitis and a subsequent socket preservation healing

Dr. G. Dalmaschio

Think Pink Full-Arch Restoration

Dr. A. Ionescu

Minimally invasive approach in Esthetic Zone: "Digitally guided Flapless crest split"

Dr. Graham Meng

Fully Digital Anterior Bridge Restoration with Angulated Screw Channels

Dr. R. Gómez Meda

Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading with a mucogingival approach

Dr. Mustafa Dawod

Immediate implant placement in esthetic zone using socket-shield technique

​TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment
Step by Step Documentation

TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment Clinical Case Step by Step Documentation presented
by Andreas van Orten, MSC (Waldrop, Germany)

Dr. A. Ionescu

5 Years Follow-up: The use of Tissue Level Implants: Minimal Invasive Tissue Punch & Flapless Insertion

Dr. David Chamorro

TRI® Clinical Case "Soft Tissue Management in the Esthetic Zone with Immediate Placement

Dr. R. Gómez Meda

TRI® Clinical Case "High aesthetic immediate loading and connective Tissue graft"

Dr. Joel Teles

TRI® Clinical Case "TRI® Vent Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate Loading"

Dr. Mohammed Eddaif

TRI® Clinical Case "From Complications to a Successful Restoration with the TRI® Dental Implant System"

Dr. J. Pinheiro Torres

TRI® Clinical Case "Flapless Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading in Fresh Sockets"

TRI® Narrow
Clinical Case

TRI®-Narrow ø 3.3mm + 11.5mmL Clinical Case presented by Dr. Thabit Peck (South Africa)

Dr. R. Gómez Meda

TRI® Clinical Case "TRI® Bone-Level, TRI® Tissue-Level"

Dr. A. Ionescu

TRI® Clinical Case "TRI® Tissue Level"

Dr. A. van Orten

TRI® Clinical Case "TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment"

Dr. Graham Meng

TRI® Clinical Case “TRI® Raptor Attachment Overdenture Case”

Dr. Dirk Neefs

TRI® Clinical Case "Oral rehabilitation with TRI® Dental Implants following the Tempocopy protocol“

Dr. Marius Steigmann

Tissue-Level Implant (TRI® Octa)

Dr. Mustafa Dawod

Minimal Invasive / Immediate placement


“All-on-TRI®” Procedure

Dr. Achim Sieper

TRI®+ Digital Guided Planning

Dr. Marius Steigmann

Clinical Follow-Up Series After 5 Years

Dr. A. Ionescu / Dr. V. Panagopoulos

Immediate Implant Placement

Prof. Peter Fairbairn

Aesthetic Single Tooth Restauration with Simplified Regeneration Protocol

Dr. Jongki Wiwoho

Immediate Implant Placement & Loading / Sinus-Lift

Dr. David Chamorro


Dr. Marius Steigmann


Dr. Torsten Kamm

Two Unit Bridge Molar (Screw-Retained)

Dr. A. Bingisser

Extended Single Crown in the Molar Maxilla

Dr. Ziebold

Single Tooth and Two Unit Bridge

Dr. Christian Buhtz

Two Unit Bridge Mandible 

Dr. A. Ionescu

Single Tooth Molar

Dr. Georg Taffet

Unit Bridge Pink vs. Titanium

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