10 years of passion in implantology
It's time to celebrate!

What started off with a small team, fast forward 10 years later is a leading and innovative provider of digital implant solutions in over 50 markets. Many of you played a crucial role in the enduring history of TRI® and we encourage you to participate in the story telling and celebrations throughout this year.  Pay us a visit (virtually or personally), browse through our history or get interactive by creating a special birthday wish video.

100% Swiss Quality

TRI® Dental Implants is an innovative provider of digital implant solutions from Switzerland. 

TRI® 3D-Touch Impression Post
Digital. Analog. Instrument-free.

The TRI® 3D-Touch Impression combines simplicity with unique product features. It can be used as a conventional open-tray impression post as well as high precision titanium scan body, unified in one single product. The patented instrument-free handling technology helps to save time and provides easier access to limited inter-occlusal spaces. A versatile, time-saving and unparalleled impression taking experience. 

Angled Screw Driver

The angled screw driver can be used in combination with the entire portfolio of TRI®-Bases for single and multi-unit restorations.  

Tissue-Level Implantat with pink-rose neck

The TRI® Tissue-Level Implant with its unique 1.8 mm pink-rose neck for optimized translucency in the gingival tissue sets new standard.