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TRI® + Digital Solutions guarantees a universal open implant interface to leading technology partners in digital implantology. Together with a lean and intelligent implant system, TRI® + Digital Solutions enables limitless treatment options from simple to complex.

TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment
Instrument-free handling concept

The unique and patented instrument-free handling concept of the TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment provides an incredibly easy and secure impression using the closed tray method. The impression post can then be used as the final abutment. The new TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment is unparalleled in simplicity, quality and price.

Tissue-level implant with pink tulip

Tissue-level implant with pink 1.8mm tulip for evidently improved translucency values. This innovation also guarantees the highest esthetic results in the posterior region.