TRI® 3D-Touch Impression
Open-Tray Impression Taking Reinvented.

The new TRI® 3D-Touch Impression combines simplicity with unique product features. It can be used as a conventional open-tray impression post as well as high precision titanium scan body, unified in one single product. The patented instrument-free handling technology helps to save time and provides easier access to limited inter-occlusal spaces. A versatile, time-saving and unparalleled impression taking experience. 

Instrument-free handling with ability for angulated loosening for limited occlusal space

One screw for two lengths

Defined breaking point (15Ncm)

Grip for better handling

Scanbody & impression post

No jamming, no control x-ray necessary

Retention for soft tissue impression and perfect esthetics

TRI® 3D-Touch Impression

The TRI® 3D-Touch Impression can be used as a conventional impression post as well as high precision titanium scan body, unified in one single product. 


With the improved design, there is no risk of jamming and no control x-ray will be necessary. The retention will be significantly increased, also for the soft tissue impression and helps to achieve high esthetic results. 


The patented instrument-free handling technology helps to save time and with the ability for angulated loosening it provides easier access to limited inter-occlusal spaces. The handle can be used for further extension and with one screw two lengths are covered.

presented by Holger Kast (Dental Technician)
TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment

The TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment is a revolutionary instrument-free innovation for closed-tray impression taking and final abutment restorations. The patented integrated solution guarantees an entire new level of precision and simplicity during the impression and restorative process. And best of all: you get 2 products in 1!

Patented Instrument Free Handling
Fastest Impression procedure in industry
Integrated final contour abutment

"The TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment is pragmatic, time saving and economical. Thanks to the included torque handle, predetermined breaking point for a defined insertion torque, included release tool for the impression screw and the possibility to use the abutment for final restoration – All-In-One product!" 

Andreas van Orten, MSc (Waltrop, Germany)
Easy to use
Step 1

The TRI® 2in1 is easily inserted into the implant with the integrated torque handle piece. The handle is turned until it reaches the defined torque (15 Ncm) at the break point. 

Easy to use
Step 2

The situation is now ready for the direct impression taking, without painstakingly covering the screw channel with an additional plastic cap or similar items. The impression spoon is removed after the impression material has cured. The TRI® 2in1 can now easily be removed using the previously handle piece. For this purpose, the handle piece must be placed onto the TRI® 2in1 in reverse. 

Easy to use
Step 3

The TRI® 2in1 is then screwed to the implant analog. Thanks to the unique design, the TRI® 2in1 can be repositioned precisely and safely in the impression to produce the master model. The impression screw is exchanged with the occlusal screw and the TRI® 2in1 is now a final contour abutment with a conical profile and a defined cement margin. 

Andreas van Orten M.Sc. (Germany)

TRI® 2in1 Impression Abutment Clinical Case Step by Step Documentation presented
by Andreas van Orten, MSC (Waldrop, Germany)

Case TRI® 2in1
Scan Bodies

For all Lines 
Available for all Implant Lines (Bone-Level, Narrow, Tissue-Level)

2 Options
Available for Implant and Abutment Level 

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