One prosthetic connection

With only one prothetic connection per implant line TRI® reduces the number of components to a minimum, optimizing the handling and storage requirements in the daily practice. Choose your optimal abutment with the TRI® Soft Tissue Concept, to achieve high-end esthetic results.

Consistent Emergence Profile

Healing Collar

Impression Transfer



TRI® Prosthetic Kit

TRI® presents a new version of its prosthetic kit that contains all the instrumentation for the restoring dentist to handle healing components and to place provisional and final restorations. The new prosthetic kit features the same grommet-less technology like the TRI® Surgical Kit, validated for automated cleaning in washer-disinfection machines. The workflow has been streamlined, and the improved versions of the prosthetic drivers are now also included in the prosthetic kit. An additional flexible compartment allows for storing and sterilization of any components for the individual needs of the restoring dentist.

Features grommet-less technology for validated manual and automated processing.

Improved tool retention

Contains all new prosthetic tools including the new prosthetic driver directly for the ratchet.

Contains a stainless steel bowl for storage of various components.