The TRI® Workflow will make life for dentists and labs more efficient, easier and predictable. Discover our cost-effective, easy-to-use streamlined solutions for an immediate full digital local workflow, either chairside or labside. 

1. Guided Surgery

The matrix® system allows to place the implants safely and precisely by using the pilot drill components of TRI® and to plan the surgery with open software solutions such as exoplan or 3Shape Implant Studio. This novel implant system enables multi-level implant placement to achieve predictable and high esthetic results in straightforward to complex surgical cases.

2. Intra Oral Scanning

The innovative TRI® 3D-Touch Impression Post can be used as a high precise digital scan and as a conventional impression post. The patented instrument-free handling technology with the ability for angulated loosening provides easier access to limited inter-occlusal spaces. The 3D-Touch Impression is a versatile, time-saving unparalleled impression taking experience which will bring your patient satisfaction to a new level.  

3. Design

The matrix® implant system sets no limits in designing customized restorations on engaging and non-engaging connections. The versatile connection solves all kind of challenges and the angulated screw channel feature provides easier access to posterior areas and highest esthetic and predictable outcomes.

4. Manufacturing

The matrix® restoration design is sent to the milling machine, either chairside, in-house or within an external matrix® certificate lab or milling center. With standard drills and dedicated CAM strategies an easy and precise milling is achieved as well as a surface roughness which rises above industrial abutment manufacturing.

5. Finishing

A short sintering, stain and glaze of the restoration offers an immediate solution and profit for full contour restorations. High esthetic ceramic restorations can be provided globally by the matrix® certified laboratories.

TRI®+ Digital Solution
connection to all open digital workflows with lab-side and chairside milling

TRI®+ Digital Solutions guarantees a universal implant open interface to leading technology partners in digital dentistry. In contrast to numerous digital locked systems, TRI® helps to create more transparency and eliminate all barriers to their respective treatments. TRI®+ Digital Solutions offers a wide range of indications via 3D planning, guided surgery, CAD abutments, CAD / CAM screw- retained and cement-retained restorations or modern treatments.

3D-Planning & Guided Surgery 

Customized CAD restorations

CAD/CAM Screw-retained bars and bridges 

Digital Alliance Partners
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