unique & patented features of the matrix®

matrix® SmartBolt

made to support all materials

matrix® ProFlex

allows implant placement and screw channel freedom

matrix® Millfit

designed to be milled locally

matrix® SlimNeck

for increased biological width

matrix® PowerBase

designed for Zirconia on Titanium

matrix® SmartLock

for engaging and non-engaging restorations

matrix® PowerBase
A world-class connection designed to support zirconia on titanium

matrix® PowerBase and its 20° degree internal flat connection, maximizes the surface area to support prosthetic restoration directly on the implant. The world-class connection provides self-centering properties for ideal handling and fit and allows high divergences (50°) between implants. 

Platforms P37 and P45 with significantly larger area than a Ti-Base 

Optimal for force trasmission between implant and crown 

Support direct restoration with all materials 

Platforms available

P37 (ø3,7mm)


P45 (ø4,5mm)


P37 (ø3,7mm)


P45 (ø4,5mm)



matrix® SmartLock is a self-locking system for automatic positioning, which allows only one single position for crowns and a non-engaging position for multi-unit restorations. It consists of two big vertical rotation blockers with 1.2mm distance for easy milling of the prosthetics and tactile feedback. 

Highly precise fit through vertical guidance 

Self-locking system for automatic positioning (one position) 

Allows for engaging as well as non-engaging connections based on milling strategy. 

matrix® MillFit
Connection designed for easy and highly precise local milling.

matrix® MillingFit achieves easy and precise milling with standard tools through dedicated milling strategies. A compact connection between implant, screw and crown with no hollow spaces and an interface surface roughness rises above industrial abutment manufacturing. 

Standard drills and dedicated CAM strategies for matrix® 

Achieves 0.2μ of surface roughness for all materials 

Better than industrial abutments manufacturing ( Ra 0.6 μ) 

Dedicated milling strategy for matrix® connection

matrix® SlimNeck
Profiles for increased biological width.

Pink anodization for tissue management

Concave design for increased biological width

Thanks to reverse-taper design bone doesn't get re-exposed

The 20° shoulder for high divergence bridge restorations

Platform switching for stable crestal bone levels

0,5mm machined neck in the crestal area

Concave multi-level emergence profile for infinitely more esthetics

The matrix® multi-level implant comes with a modern emergence profile and a unique concave design. The implant line features a pink anodized neck for optimized translucency and supports modern surgical procedures, such as sub-crestal placements. Ideal for minimal invasive procedures and an increased biological width, matrix® it’s better than ever in guaranteeing high esthetic results and longevity. 

Bone-Level platform switching

The matrix® bone-level implant features a 20° shoulder for high divergence bridge restorations and integrates platform-switching to preserve the crestal bone. 

Intelligent screw system for all materials and indications.

matrix® SmartBolt consists of three different screw heads, designed for material-specific milling strategies to ensure a precise fit. The specially treated screw surface guarantees increased hardness, scratch-resistance and fatigue strength. The sterile screws are gold anodized for higher esthetics with translucency zirconia. 

Three different screw heads for dedicated indications and materials

Special Titanium (grade 23) for maximal strength 

Screw-head is designed to allow for ideal material-specific milling strategies

for each material a screw.

Flat horizontal screw head for Titanium with straight screw channel


Flat horizontal screw head for Zirconia, Polymers and Metals with angulated screw channels


Flat horizontal screw head for Zirconia and Polymers with straight screw channel

2.8mm Long

Flat horizontal screw head for Zirconia and Polymers with long straight screw channel


Narrow screw-head for metal restorations to minimize diameter of screw-access hole 


Medium-size screw-head optimized to support zirconium. 

matrix® ProFlex
Highest design flexibility in local production

matrix® ProFlex allows implant divergence up to 50° and 30° angled screw channels. The compact design facilitates the placement of fully anatomical crowns without adjustment and supports easy impression taking for angulated implants. 

Screw channel up to 20° degree angulation all around 

Occlusal esthetics in anterior region 

Better handling in posterior region 

Allows implant divergence up to 50° and 30° angled screw channels.
Patient-specific & individual emergence profile

matrix® allows to create 100% digital, chairside manufactured patient-specific emergence profiles by considering the biological shape and transferring the design 1:1 throughout the whole treatment process (healing, provisional and final restoration). With matrix® any design and shape on any material is possible and guarantees a full- anatomic and high esthetic gingiva management. 

Same emergence profile for healing, provisional and final restoration.

Production of personalized healing collar from any material 

Immediate and efficient through chairside manufacturing option 

High esthetic gingiva management 

INDIVIDUALIZED Healing Collar by Dr. RamÓn GÓmez Meda

Placement of a matrix® Multi-Level implant

A patient-specific healing collar milled chairside with an Amann Girrbach milling machine

The patient-specific healing collar in-situ

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