The TRI® Tissue-Level Implant is the latest addition to the TRI® Dental Implant System. With its unique 1.8 mm pink-rose neck for optimized translucency in the gingival tissue, TRI Octa sets new standards. In a study with the university of Zurich (Prof. Ronald Jung, Dr. Daniel Thoma), the evidently better translucency values were tested and proofed in comparison to conventional titanium implant neck.


Gingiva coloured implant collar

The Tissue-Level Implant features a 1.8 mm machined implant collar for optimal esthetic results in the posterior area.

Crestal thread design

with square thread pattern to protect the cortical bone

Body thread design (60 degrees)

to enhance bone surface area in the spongiosa for optimal bone-to-implant contact

Apical thread design (45 degrees)

with increased sharpness for immediate primary stability

Round Apex

to protect the Schneiderian Membrane


The TRI® Bone-Level Implant has a market compatible octagonal connection with a 8° cone which guarantees stability and security. The corresponding abutments were anodised correspondingly in pink to foster a consistent esthetic result also in the prosthetic area. 


Gingiva coloured implant collar for optimal
esthetic results in the posterior area.


The tapered implant body with self-tapping threads provides an optimal primary stability for immediate, early or late implant treatment concepts.

"The pink-colored anodized implant collar of the TRI®-Octa Tissue-Level Implant is ideal for esthetics in single stage minimally invasive clinical procedures! The implant remains still “invisible" even after several years compared to existing implant solutions." 

Alecsandru Ionescu (Bucharest, Romania)
Scientific Whitepaper
Discoloration of the mucosa caused by different restorative materials – a spectophotometric in vitro study

Dr. med. dent. Alexis Ioannidis, cand. med. dent. Elena Cathomen, med. dent. Ronald E. Jung, PD Dr. med. dent. Daniel S. Thoma

The discoloration of the mucosa can be reduced by 46% with TRI Pink anodized titanium compared to raw titanium. The effect is comparable to zirconium. In this in vitro study, measurements are performed on pig jaws with a spectophotometric camera, comparing discoloration resulting from different materials.

Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu (Bucharest, RO)
Maximum flexibility with only one prosthetic connection

6.5mmL | 8mmL | 10mmL | 11.5mmL | 13mmL 

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