The TRI®-Narrow implant has been developed with an enossal diameter of Ø3.3 mm and an internal Friction-Fit connection of Ø3.2 mm. With this reduced diameter implant, treatment options will be expanded especially for narrow ridges or compromised sites in the anterior jaw. Thanks to the crestal thread design of the implant and the tapered implant body a high primary stability can be achieved.


Machined implant neck

The bone level implants feature a 0.5 mm machined neck in the crestal area

Crestal thread design

with square thread pattern to protect the cortical bone

Body thread design (60 degrees)

to enhance bone surface area in the spongiosa for optimal bone-to-implant contact

Apical thread design (45 degrees)

with increased sharpness for immediate primary stability

Round Apex

to protect the Schneiderian Membrane

Time saving.

TRI® Narrow is ideal for minimally invasive procedures with limited horizontal bone and will reduce significantly surgical time for the practitioner.


The tapered implant body with self-tapping threads provides an optimal primary stability for immediate, early or late implant treatment concepts.

"I appreciate the usefulness of TRI® Narrow ø3.3 mm as it can often manage narrow edentulous spaces or horizontal atrophy situations without a regenerating process."

Torsten Kamm, Baden-Baden (Germany)
Dr. David Chamorro (Colombia)
Ideal with limited horizontal bone
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