matrix® implant line

The matrix® implant system consists of a bone- and a tissue-level line with only one connection, by simplifying the prosthetic workflow to the max and guaranteeing the highest materials and indication flexibility. 

Classic Implant Line

The Classic Line is incorporated in the Bone-Level (TRI®-Narrow, TRI®-Vent) and Tissue-Level (TRI®-Octa) implant lines and ensures optimal esthetic results both in the anterior and posterior area.

TRI® Pod Packaging

The implant packaging by TRI® integrates the latest engineering know-how and innovation. Its revolutionary touchless delivery concept allows to pick-up the implant directly with the surgical hand-piece in one single step. Whilst guaranteeing the highest purity of the TRI® SBA surface. 

Surgical Kit

The TRI® Dental Implant system, both the classic and matrix® line, are characterized by one unique surgical kit for bone- and tissue- level line. Its intuitive and elegant design prioritizes efficiency and ease of use.

Surgical Engine

The Motor system MD 11 is able to perform every step in implantology perfectly. A sophisticated motor control for smooth and precise power delivery in any speed range. 

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