winner of
Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020

The World’s First Digital Implant matrix® emerged victorious from the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 and won a Red Dot for its outstanding and disruptive design quality.

WHAT IS THE matrix®?

The matrix® is the first-ever dental implant connection that has been specifically designed for the new digital manufacturing technologies such as CAD/CAM milling or 3D printing. This unique implant concept allows to plan the restoration directly on the implant without the use of the abutment.

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Matrix® vs. State-of-the-Art
Digital Workflow

Covering an unlimited design flexibility, restorations from screw-retained full-anatomic CAD/CAM crowns to multi-unit bars and bridges can be planned and placed directly on the implant. No limitation in angulation and indication, no need of cementation as well as the unique option to plan the soft tissue management digitally, will guarantee longevity and high esthetic results.

"A novel CAD/CAM implant interface like matrix® is required to exploit the full potential of CAD/CAM manufactured prosthetics on implants."

Falko Noack (Head R&D Amann Girrbach)

The Digital Implant will allow to have ceramic all the way to the implant and no metal rim will be visible. No manual work for cementation is necessary and a higher precision with no danger of cement gap is guarantee. 

"Innovative production ways require new concepts in implantology like the matrix® - let´s exploit the full potential of 3D printing on dental implants!"

Prof. Constantin von See (Expert in Digital Dental 3D-Printing)
Digital Healing Collars

Customizable Soft Tissue Management for a consistent emergence profile form the healing collar over the provisional to the final restoration.

"The matrix® is a full digital soft tissue management concept, which will  improve esthetics and longevity."

Dr. Marius Steigmann (Expert Soft Tissue Management)
Material Savings

Material and inventory cost can be saved, due to 3D printed and CAD/CAM prosthetics directly screwed on implant without abutment.

Time Savings

Achievements of Chair and Lab time savings since no installation of Abutment and Cementation Work is required.

matrix® Advantages

No cementation and no risk of inflammation or debonding

Esthetic advantage, due to no titanium abutment

Material and inventory cost savings, due to elimination of the abutment

Modern full-anatomic materials directly on implant

Compensates for great divergencies between implants

High design flexibility

"The matrix® has the potential to revolutionize dental lab digital prosthetics."

Daniel Pally (Master Dental Technician)

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*Based on the comparison of matrix® vs. Conventional Digital Full-Arch All-on-TRI® (4 Implants). Values may slightly change, due to different process approaches.