TRI®+ Digital Solutions

The new TRI®+ Digital portfolio contains the new TRI®-Bases both in an engaging and non-engaging version, Milling Blanks including the proprietary TRI® Friction Fit, Multi-Unit Ti-Bases and a new and innovative Digital Implant Analog. To meet all specific esthetic requirements, all TRI®-Bases can be customized in order to be used with the new angulated screw driver.

Features & Benefits

The TRI®-Bases are available in an engaging version for single tooth restoration and in a non-engaging
version for multi-unit restorations. The engaging version features the proprietary TRI® Friction fit
and both version include the consistent and proven TRI® Soft Tissue Concept.

Due to the defined machined surface roughness, the bonding connection between the
Ti-Base and the restauration is additionally perfected and strengthened. The TRI®-Base is anodized
in pink to guarantee a long-lasting natural esthetic result.

4 Customizing Options

Rough Turned Surface for Better Retention

Anodized Pink for Better Esthetics

Engaging And Non-Engagning

4 Customizing Options

The newly patented TRI®-Base is the first Ti-Base that can be customized in length and angulation, both physically by the technician and virtually in the respective CAD Software. Even for angulated screw channels in esthetic cases.

Angulated TRI®-Base
Shorten TRI®-Base
Angulated+ shorten TRI®-Base


Can be used conventional and digital

4 Heights Customizing Options

Optimized Design for CAD/CAM Ceramic Restorations

4 Customizing Options
Digital Implant Analog
Features & Benefits

Special features allow a click-retention in the 3D printed master model, and the analog can be additionally fixed
in the model with a basal screw for maximum predictability and precision. 

Optimized Design for Conventional and Digital Use

Snap into Model

Bottom Internal Tread for Fixation

Milling Blank
CAD Abutment

Superior Design Features

Including TRI® Friction and TRI® Soft Tissue Concept

Maximum Flexibility 
For full anatomic Abutment Design

Scan Bodies

For all Lines 
Available for all Implant Lines (Bone-Level, Narrow, Tissue-Level)

2 Options
Available for Implant and Abutment Level 

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