with Dr. Marius Steigmann
Soft Tissue Management for bone Augmentation

In time bone augmentation has moved from highly specialized clinics into the dental office. With the help of modern grafting material the augmentation volume in the dental office has increased year by year. However the main issue remains soft tissue closure for high volume augmentation, especially in the posterior mandible and posterior maxilla. Special flap designs and suturing techniques specific to location to solve this ongoing soft tissue management problem has been developed. The participants will learn and practice how to solve this soft tissue closure problem according to the location.

Learning Points

• Soft tissue tension free closure – step by step 
• Tension free flap adaptation – multiple options 
• Suturing techniques with and against tension 
• Adequate soft tissue manipulation for thin and thick biotype 
• Improve soft tissue thickness 
• Gain soft tissue elasticity 
• Create keratinized gingiva 

Different tissue biotype react different to surgical trauma. For this reason we have adjusted the surgical approach to the biotype (tissue thickness) specific to each patient and location in the oral cavity. 

• Sinuslift 
• Soft tissue management for sinuslift 
• Bone augmentation in the maxilla-palatal sliding flap 
• Bone augmentation in the mandible PPF, VBF or Steipod 
PPF --> Periosteal Pocket Flap 
VBF --> Versatil Buccal Flap 

The tissue thickness dictates the way it is manipulated for high volume augmentation. Thick biotype can be managed in a classical manner. On the other side thin biotype needs new surgical approaches with specific instruments. The course will describe step by step the gain of soft tissue for tension free closure even in cases of reduced soft tissue thickness. 

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