On Demand Webinars
Revolutionizing Full-Arch Restoration: TRI® & InstaRisa’s Seamless Digital Solution
Dr. Art Mirelez

Learing points:

  • 3D Facial Scanning & Dental Avatars
  • Understanding the Prosthetic Benefits
  • Advanced Workflow Integration:
  • Cost and Time Efficiency
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Clinical Outcomes & Patient Satisfaction
  • Accuracy in Implantology

Scan & Smile: From Single To Full Arch
Dr. Paul Fugazzotto

Learning Points:

  • Scan & Smile: Place, scan, design and print in your office in under one hour
  • Learn how new digital technologies accelerate your treatment plans
  • Discover how to take accurate full arch digital scans without photogrammetry
  • And how to achieve precise and predictable results from single to full-arch cases!

99.7% Success: "3 Years matrix®" Webinar
Prof. Dr. Ronald Jung ft. esteemed dental clinicians from around the world

Join us in a celebratory journey as we look back on three incredible years of matrix®. Over the course of these years, matrix® has made its mark with an astounding 2335 success stories, maintaining an almost flawless success rate of 99.7%!

The Digital Revolution 2.0: Clinic-Technical Applications in daily practice
Dr. Alessandro & Andrea Agnini

Learning points:

  • Understand how to integrate new digital technologies to speed up your daily treatment plans
  • Scan & Smile: Place, scan, design and print in your office during one patient visit
  • How to achieve precise and predictable scanning results with IOS Scan and TRI® ScanBridge
  • Digital workflow with the matrix®: 2.5 year follow-up cases with outstanding biological results

A Journey from Analog to Digital: Reflection of 2-year Experience with matrix®
Dr. Joel Teles

Learning Points: 

  • How to reach high aesthetic & predictable results with a new level of surgical flexibility with the novel matrix® implant design
  • Understand the biologics and digital workflow benefits of the abutment-free matrix® Multi-Level implant system
  • Case presentation from single crown to full-arches with more than 2-years follow-up

matrix® in daily practice
Dr. Marco Zeltner

Learning Points: 

  • Learn about the benefits of the matrix® implant system 
  • No Abutment. No Cement. No Limits. 
  • Learn about new opportunities for a full digital workflow in dental implant prosthetics

Back to the future with matrix® Multi-Level Implants
Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu

Learning Points: 

  • How to achieve better biological and esthetical results with the digital workflow
  • Understand how digitally case planning and guided surgery improves your success
  • Case presentation of abutment-free and cement-free matrix® Multi-Level Implants

Digital Implant Revolution: a disruptive technology
Dr. Alessandro & Andrea Agnini

Learning Points: 

  • Understand the rationale behind the New matrix® technology
  • What can be improved in the actual digital implant prosthetic workflow
  • Step by step recipe for a completely digital workflow both on a clinical and technical point of view

A new approach in the digital world: Tissue-Level implant without abutment
Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu

Learning Points: 

  • Minimally invasive treatments from analog to digital
  • Understanding biology in implant patients: from backward planning to the final restoration
  • Preservation of the 3D architecture: from the classic tissue level implants to the novel tissue level implant matrix®, using the "no abutment” concept

From Analog to Digital Dentistry: from state-of-the-art to matrix®
Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda

Learning Points: 

  • Analog Workflows in Immediate Implant Dentistry
  • Digital Workflows in Immediate Implant Dentistry
  • A new paradigm in implant dentistry: advantages and efficiency of the new matrix® technology

How to win back all your patients
Ashley Latter (Dental Sales Trainer)

Learning Points: 

  • Why a Pro-active mind-set is crucial to succeed in the turbulent Covid times and how to create this for yourself and your team
  • Learn how to re-kindle old treatment plans and get more patients coming back into your Practice for Implant and other treatments
  • What needs to be said to be ensure that your patient feel safe and are happy to come back to your Practice

​Is the Digitalization really simplifying Dental Implantology?
Prof. Dr. Constantin von See

Learning Points: 

  • Workflows for guided surgery
  • Digital workflow in immediate, delayed or conventional restoration
  • Data fusion - confusion or a helping hand?

Digital Guided & Flapless Implantology - Main treatment option after the pandemic?
Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu

Learning Points: 

  • Challenging aerosols in post pandemic era
  • Smart implantology: flapless
  • Low speed dentistry: the biological drilling
  • Analogue vs. digital in minimally invasive procedures

Dr. Joel Teles


Learning Points: 

  • Gingiva Management as key for for outstanding results 
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Temporary design techniques
  • Individual impression taking

Dr. Joel Teles


Learning Points: 

  • Case planning and an experienced team as key for successful long-term results
  • 3D implant position in immediate placement
  • Provisional prothesis design in immediate loadings
  • Surgical approaches of highly reabsorbed maxilla

Dr. Joel Teles


Recap and Q&A

Digital Implant Dentistry from a Laboratory Perspective
Simone Maffei (DT)

Learning Points: 

  • Introduction to open system interface from importing scan datas to full digital produced restoration
  • Prosthetic Treatment Options of modern digital dentistry
  • Features and Advantages of Ti-Bases

Dr. Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini

Learning Points: 

  • Learn the latest trends in dentistry and the importance of digital technology in the current landscape
  • Appreciate the benefits and applications of intra-oral scanning
  • Appreciate the benefits of facially driven interdisciplinary treatment planning

Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda

Learning Points: 

  • Immediate implant: different clinical situations Advantages and disadvantages Minimalist approach
  • Surgical technique and drilling protocol Immediate temporary restoration
  • “The 3-steps technique” by Dr MEDA

Discover the secrets to perfect communication in your dental practice. Have more patients say YES to your implant treatment plans at the fees your services deserve
Ashley Latter (Dental Sales Trainer)

Learning Points: 

  • Discover the 6 key biggest communication mistakes made by dentists every day in their communication. These mistakes are costing thousands of dollars’ worth of opportunities every week
  • Develop more self- confidence and develop a more positive attitude of success and accomplishment for the whole team
  • Discover the one major secret on why some Dentists are more successful than others

Minimally Invasive Sinus Floor Elevation by using the TRI® Dental Implants System in combination with the Jeder System
Andreas van Orten, M.Sc.

Learning Points: 

  • Alternatives to a lateral window approach
  • Crestal sinus approach without using osteotomes
  • Alternatives to classical bone substitute materials

How to handle difficult and complex cases
Dr. Torsten Kamm

Learning Points: 

  • How to manage cases with poor bone situation in the esthetic region
  • Benefit of digital planning (3D)
  • Solving esthetic and functional problems by using 3D Face Scan and 3D Freecorder

Flapless vs. Flap Less: Minimally invasive surgical techniques (for zero bone loss) using Tissue-Level Implants.
Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu

Learning Points: 

  • Minimally invasive "flap less" approach in bone splitting
  • Biological advantages for flapless and "flap less" techniques in full mouth rehabilitations
  • Internal sinus lifting vs external sinus lifting: advantages of using tissue level implants

Three main considerations for successful immediate implants in the anterior area
Dr. Ramón Gómez Meda

Learning Points: 

  • Select the ideal implant for the anterior area depending on the defect and the tooth to substitute
  • Place immediate implants in pristine sockets and what to do when we have a bone dehiscence
  • How to manage soft tissues in order to boost the biotype when necessary

Peri-implantitis: Diagnosis, Therapy and Prevention. An Evidence Based Approach.
Dr. Christian Blaschke


Learning Points: 

  • Early diagnosis and definition of peri-implantitis
  • Predispositions to peri-implantitis
  • Treatment options
  • Peri-implantitis prevention

Minimal-invasive GBR techniques without membranes
Prof. Dr. Peter Fairbairn


Learning Points: 

  • New biomaterials to significantly reduce treatment time
  • Membrane-free surgical techniques in implantology
  • Achieving predicatable esthetic results with the TRI® Soft Tissue Concept

Techniques for immediate loading to achieve superior esthetic results
Dr. Torsten Kamm

Learning Points: 

  • Extraction techniques
  • Rules for immediate implantation and loading
  • Dual-Zone augmentation
  • Connective Tissue Grafting (CTG)

Back to the future: aesthetic & biological concepts for long-term aesthetic results with tissue level implants
Dr. Alecsandru Ionescu